More Money Raised!

During 2021, Tony continued to donate the profits from his books and speaker fees to the brilliant St Leonard’s Hospice in York. In December 2021, he made a four figure donation to St Leonard’s Hospice in York.

Tony would like to thank everyone who bought his books and the lovely people who organised and attended his history talks for local groups. Your support really does make a difference.

The St Leonard’s Hospice funding team thanked Tony and all those who supported him, writing: “We really appreciate your support. It is especially important to us at this time. As you may already be aware, we have had to postpone many of our income generation activities because of Coronavirus. At the same time, we have experienced an increase in demand for the services we provide. The dedication of our staff has been exceptional and your donation will allow the teams to continue their amazing work.”

I’m sure we’d all like to thank the staff at St Leonard’s and every other health and social care facility for their amazing support they give to our families and friends. Let’s continue to support them in any way we can in 2022.