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Reviews for The Pearl of York, Treason and Plot

Extracts from reviews on GoodReads: “A heartbreaking book that grabs you from the first page and does not let you go until the last full-stop. I cannot praise this book enough. It was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end. This is an example of Historical Fiction at its most exquisite.” / “This riveting book takes the reader right into the world of 1605 London“

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Reviews for Remember, Remember and 1617

Snippets from 5 Star reviews on Amazon in the UK and USA:A gem”  / “History Brought to Life” / “Enjoyable and fascinating page turner” / “A great read” / “Inspiring act of imagination”

Wetherby News: “Although set in 1605 the book is very much a contemporary thriller”

York Press:Don’t believe everything you were told about November 5th!”

Cambrian Press: “Piques the interest of the reader to find out more about this amazing time in our history.”

Brecon and Radnor Express: “An exciting historical novel and contemporary thriller”

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