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Tony delivers talks for events and groups such as local history societies. The talks are very engaging and designed to bring key topics and people from history to life. Each talk ends with an interactive question and answer session. Please note Tony donates his speaker fees to selected good causes. In 2020 this will be St Leonard’s Hospice in York.

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Topics include:

Guy Fawkes, The Gunpowder Plot and the Yorkshire Connections

On November 5th each year we celebrate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot with bonfires and fireworks but how much do we really know about the history behind these fascinating events? In this talk Tadcaster author Tony Morgan highlights Guy Fawkes’s childhood, the events of the Gunpowder Plot and many local connections to Yorkshire.

The Life and Death of Margaret Clitherow

Margaret Clitherow lived with her husband and children in The Shambles in York. In 1586 she was accused of harbouring Catholic priests in her home and arrested. Incredibly, her step father was Lord Mayor of York at the time. In this talk Tadcaster author Tony Morgan tells the fascinating story of Margaret’s life, including politics, intrigue and ultimately martyrdom.